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Global asset management and sustainability

About Impactvesting

IMPACTVESTING helps asset managers to access the fastest growing segments of the global investment industry. Combining data-driven analysis with insights to support business expansion, we specialize in international fund distribution, sub-advisory opportunities, product innovation, sustainable investments, and ESG integration.   

  • International fund distribution
  • Global product strategy and innovation
  • Sub-advisory opportunities
  • Sustainable, responsible, and impact investments
  • ESG strategies that integrate environmental, social, and governance factors

Our service is tailored to the needs of fund management company executives and their business, product, distribution, and strategy teams.

Our Solutions

Insights from Research

Consulting & Advisory

Business Intelligence

IMPACTVESTING offers insights for business development with in-depth research on  global fund product and distribution trends. We start by analyzing fund sales data to understand where investors are putting their money, and then identify the factors that are driving fund expansion. By providing business intelligence and insights through research reports, consulting, and advisory, we help firms expand their business.

We track what is happening across all funds and markets around the world. Yet our core mission is to help firms capture opportunities through sustainable, responsible, and impact investments. We work closely with asset managers to assess the best new ideas and best practice in ESG integration, and to implement better financial solutions with impact.

 Our Focus


International fund distribution trends
Europe, Asia, and Latin America market dynamics
Sub-advisory opportunities
Investor demand and net flow analytics
New product development
Regulatory influences, competitive positioning
Alternative investments


ESG strategies
Impact investments
Climate, carbon, and stranded asset risks
Green bonds 
Low carbon strategies 
Carbon footprint and impact benchmarking 
Renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure

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Jag Alexeyev formed Impactvesting LLC to help asset managers access the fastest growing segments of the global investment industry, and to implement sustainable solutions with greater impact.

Jag brings 25+ years of experience advising more than 100 investment companies on business strategy, product innovation, and global distribution. Before Impactvesting, he established and built the international consulting group at Strategic Insight, one of the world’s top providers of business intelligence to the asset management industry. He developed the SIMFUND Global fund data analysis solution and created a suite of research and advisory services to help asset managers expand in Europe, Asia, and globally.

His thought leadership has been published by SEI Investments, Brown Brothers Harriman, Nomura Research Institute, the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI), and the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA), among other organizations.

In 2016-2017, Jag advised the Global Footprint Network on its Finance for Change initiative as Director of their Carbon Disclosure Working Group. The Finance for Change initiative helps financial institutions quantify environmental risk and integrate it into investment models, credit ratings, and country risk analysis. Jag organized and led a working group of nine asset managers and institutional investors to develop a methodology for carbon footprint analysis and climate impact assessment in sovereign debt and multi-asset class investments, and co-authored Carbon Disclosure and Climate Risk in Sovereign Bonds.

He has also served as an advisor since 2014 to Fossil Free Indexes LLC on developing investment strategies that quantify and reduce the risks – including energy transition and stranded asset risks –associated with the fossil fuel reserves of energy companies. He contributed to the quarterly publication of the Carbon Underground 200 ranking of companies, and managed the research,writing, and editorial process for The Carbon Underground 2015 report.

Jag earned a BA in Economics from Harvard and an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics. He lives in New York with his wife and daughter, enjoys his role as designated chef of the household, and writes reports from his rooftop garden on warm days.

Contact:  +1 (347) 746-9895