2018-2022 OUTLOOK

Analysis of major developments shaping the global fund industry, with forward-looking perspectives on opportunities and challenges through 2022.

  • Fund business opportunities across Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America
  • What investors are buying, top selling funds, and how demand is changing
  • Innovation and product development: success stories and new ideas
  • Key forces driving the industry: regulation, competition, technology, sub-advisory, ESG


The fund industry will surpass $50 trillion in five years , but will experience significant changes globally

  • MiFID II in Europe and its impact on product, pricing, and distribution
  • Growing potential in Asia: Pension reforms in China and other countries
  • Global shift to transparency and lower costs: the new economics of distribution
  • Adoption of fee-for-advice, index funds, and ETFs
  • Where the best opportunities will arise for active fund managers
  • Asset allocation, model portfolios,  outcome-oriented & risk-based solutions
  • Wealth manager vertical integration and impact on third-party funds & sub-advisory
  • Smart beta and factor-based investing: the true market potential
  • ESG, sustainable funds, impact investments, and shareholder engagement
  • Multiple scenario asset and flow forecasts for 2018-22 by region

At least $5 trillion will flow to funds in five years. Maximize your potential.

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At least €300 billion will be outsourced in the next 5 years

How to expand sales and distribution in a €520 billion market, which will grow by 60% during the next half decade

  • 117 pages of practical knowledge, data-driven analysis, perspectives, and recommendations
  • 59 tables and charts that highlight evolving market demand
  • Extensive mapping of opportunities based on the most accurate and comprehensive database of sub-advisory arrangements in Europe
  • Business intelligence insights from two years of interviews with senior industry executives.


Sub-advisors captured 32% of flows into active funds in 2016, and now manage over €520 billion across Europe

  • Will MiFID II encourage vertical integration among wealth managers and reshape  third party fund distribution and sub-advisory?
  • Which distributors and wealth managers are looking for sub-advisors?
  • How can managers adapt to rising demand for multi-asset, outcome-oriented solutions, and risk-based model portfolios?
  • Is sub-advisory growing in the institutional market via DGFs and LDI solutions?
  • Which strategies are most in demand, and how are client preferences changing?
  • Will the ban on commissions in Denmark lead to more sub-advisory or fund-of-funds?
  • Who are the fastest growing, "under-the-radar" sponsors?
  • What best practices are managers implementing to win business?
  • How much assets can be raised in the next 5 years, and through which markets?
  • Profiles of 30+ financial institutions expanding sub-advisor use

At least €300 billion in flows will migrate to sub-advised investment funds in Europe during the next five years. Capture the opportunity.

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Big changes in the fund industry are transforming  sub-advisory.
A roadmap for how investment managers can adapt and thrive.

The most comprehensive analysis of sub-advisory fund distribution in Japan, covering ¥22 trillion in assets outsourced to external managers.

  • The top buyers and what they seek from sub-advisors
  • Where the money is going
  • Evolving product demand and new investment themes
  • More accurate trend analysis using proprietary data and better classifications
  • Market sizing and forecasts

Market intelligence for more effective distribution.
Get ahead of the curve.


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